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Archivists. Stewards. Film Enthusiasts.

Film Masters is a consortium of historians and enthusiasts who seek to celebrate the preservation and restoration of classic film.


We are archivists, committed to storing film elements for future generations and reviving films that have been sitting dormant for decades. By scanning in 2K and 4K, we give these lesser-known films the red-carpet treatment they deserve. Leveraging modern means of distribution to release forgotten films back into the world, we also produce original bonus materials—including feature-length documentaries, audio commentaries and historic articles—to contextualize and celebrate these works of art as they were meant to be.

Here's what's on deck for Film Masters

CommonLawJennie bd mockup_v3.png
Crippled Masters BD mockup_v3.png
DoortoDoor-Devil BD mockup_v2 (1).png

Theatrical Bookings

Interested in seeing one of our restorations on the big screen? We're proud to announce that we've partnered with AGFA (American Genre Film Archive), the largest non-profit genre film archive and distributor in the world. You can learn more and book one of our restorations by visiting their website.

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