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June 25, 2024

$29.95 | $19.95

Common Law Wife (1963) &
Jennie, Wife/Child (1968)

Perfect for summer, it's a Backwoods Double Feature!

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BD: $29.95 | DVD: $19.95

Releasing in late June, Film Masters brings you a bonnafide Backwoods Double Feature! Originally released as a double bill by Something Weird Video in 2003, Film Masters brings new scans of both films for an upgraded viewing experience. Both films come from the Hicksploitation tradition — exploitation films that target Southern culture. “Common Law Wife,” (Eric Sayers) which is actually spliced together with another film, “Swamp Rose” (Larry Buchanan), was marketed as an “educational film” by its original trailer, warning its potential viewers of the lecherous lives its characters led. If you have difficulty distinguishing what was shot by who, our Larry Buchanan audio commentary provides the context. Just remember, it’s important to know if common law marriage can happen in YOUR state!


Our second feature, “Jennie, Wife/Child” aka “Albert Peckingpaw’s Revenge” draws you in from the beginning with a catchy theme song, and has even more country-style earworms throughout. Besides the memorable storyline — a young wife, bored with older husband, seduces a young farm hand and gets caught — the cinematography done by William Zsigmond (later Oscar winner) elevates this film above others in the Hicksploitation sub-genre.

The Specs

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Common Law Wife

"You Don't Have to say, 'I DO' to be Married!"


Director: Eric Sayers, Larry Buchanan

Starring: Annabelle Weenick, George Edgley, Lacey Kelly

1963 | HD | 74 minutes

Shugfoot Rainey (George Edgley) wants to trade in his current girlfriend for a newer model... who just happens to be his niece, Baby Doll. Unfortunately for Shug, his older mistress Linda (Annabelle Weenick) does her research and finds out that she is legally his common law wife. He won't be able to get rid of her that easily!

In an improbable tale, this film began as a movie called, "Swamp Rose," originally shot by Larry Buchanan (the outrageous auteur of "Mars Needs Women!") in color. The movie was not finished and later sold to a producer who hired Eric Sayers to finish the film. Notable changes include upscaling to 35mm for the release and releasing the entire film in Black/White.

As parts of the film were shot a few years later, Baby Doll is allegedly played by a couple different actresses, contributing to a frenzied, not completely cohesive, storyline. It's backwoods at its best!

Common Law Wife 35mm_1080p_23.98_1.85_PRASAD_V2b-Proxy.00_01_20_04.Still001.png
Peckingpaw's Revenge_1080p_1.85_PRASAD_V4-Proxy.00_15_18_14_edited.png

Jennie, Wife/Child

"River Bottom Young Stuff! She's hitched to an old-man-husband, and he's got a young stiff for a hired man — it's what you call a triangle!"


Director: Robert Carl Cohen, James Landis

Starring: Jack Lester, Beverly Lunsford, Jim Reader

1968 | HD | 83 minutes

Albert Peckingpaw (Jack Lester) takes Jennie (Beverly Lundsford) to be his wife... but Jennie is a whole lot younger and happens to have her eye on the young farm hand, Mario (Jim Reader)! Jennie and Mario enjoy some good times, but Old Man Peckingpaw is bound to find out what's happening on his farm sooner or later. When he does.... watch out! This film is also known as, "Albert Peckingpaw's Revenge."

In a melodramatic turn of events with a few twists and turns, somehow everyone ends up in a worse situation than before.


You won't want to miss this backwoods drama!

Common Law Wife (1963)
Common Law Wife (1963)
Jennie, Wife/Child (1968)
Jennie, Wife/Child (1968)
Jennie, Wife/Child (1968)
Common Law Wife (1963)

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