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Who are the Film Masters?

Archivists. Stewards. Film Enthusiasts.


We are a consortium of historians and enthusiasts who seek to celebrate the preservation and restoration of films that have been sitting dormant in storage lockers, basements, personal collections, estates, and institutions for decades. Leveraging modern means of distribution to release forgotten films back into the world, we also produce our own materials that aid audiences in contextualizing and celebrating these works of art as they were meant to be.


We are a diverse group of individuals; Directors, Producers, Archivists, Creators, Authors, and Enthusiasts, but we have one thing in common: a love for cinema history. Our community seeks to preserve orphan and lesser known films with integrity for new audiences. From Silents to Exploitation, we scan films in 2K and 4K, giving little known films the red carpet treatment. Some of these films are released into our exclusive, special edition, physical releases. Others will be run in limited quantity batches, known as our "Archive Collection."

We additionally seek to make classic films, quirky historical shorts, TV episodes of yesteryear, and even our own original productions, available via our YouTube channel. Our goal is to make classic films widely accessible in their current, best looking and sounding formats.

Our consortium of Film Masters has access to a wealth of archival libraries. If you are interested in learning about licensing materials from us, please reach out via the contact form below. We will respond to your request in a timely manner.


Lastly, we work closely with preservation institutions to donate and deposit one of a kind film masters into locations that will properly preserve and store original masters for posterity. Film elements are highly sensitive and will degradate without proper storage; especially original nitrate prints which are highly combustible! One of our goals is to find and prevent more original prints from the ravages of time and halt their aging process as best we can.

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