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Limited Edition Releases

Limited Edition Releases are clear cases with a double-sided wrap, packaged with a slipcover and include a full color, inserted booklet with an essay as well as a commentary.

BD slipcase mockup 1 copy.png

Redneck Miller

500 Limited Edition • Coming Soon

Director: John Clayton

Starring: Geoffrey LandSydney RubinSid RancerAngel Sande

Commentary: Justin Humphreys

A rare "Hicksploitation" film from 1976 follows DJ Miller, a disc jockey in the Southern U.S. When Miller's motorcycle is stolen and used in a drug deal he faces off against local thugs and unsavory characters to clear his name. Scanned from one of the only surviving rare 35mm release prints in 4K, this print was run through multiple rounds of restoration. This regional U.S. feature film has never had a formal home video release or been screened theatrically outside the U.S.

Lady of Burlesque solo mockup copy 2.png

Lady of Burlesque

500 Limited Edition • Coming Soon

Director: William A. Wellman

Starring: Barbara Stanwyck, Michael O'Shea, J. Edward Bromberg

Commentary: Karen Burroughs Hannsberry

Music...Mystery...Murder...! That's what awaits viewers of this memorable movie from director William A. Wellman (The Public Enemy, The Ox-Bow Incident). Barbara Stanwyck stars in one of her sassiest roles as Deborah Hoople, AKA Dixie Daisy, a brassy burlesque performer who is suspected of murder. Based on The G-String Murders, a novel by the queen of burlesque, Gypsy Rose Lee, this feature earned an Oscar nomination for best music and will keep you guessing until the end!

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