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October 24, 2023

$29.95 | $19.95

Beast from Haunted Cave + Ski Troop Attack

2-Disc Collection

A FilmGroup double feature? A stunning new transfer from 35mm archival materials? It's "Beast from Haunted Cave" as you've never seen before, paired perfectly with "Ski Troop Attack."

Beast from Haunted Cave DVD case
Beast from Haunted Cave blu-ray case

BD: $29.95 | DVD: $19.95

Get ready for a crash course in Corman! Acclaimed as the king of low budget movies, Roger Corman produced dozens of films that were both hilarious and thrilling, such as Beast from Haunted Cave (1959). Directed by cult favorite Monte Hellman (Two-Lane Blacktop, Cockfighter), Beast From Haunted Cave is a suspenseful tale of criminals being terrorized by a bloodsucking spider-like thing. Special Bonus: Ski Troop Attack (1960). Upon wrapping Beast from Haunted Cave, Corman directed this World War II drama using the same South Dakota location and much of the same cast and crew. For Corman, economy was key!

The Specs

Michael Forest and Sheila Noonan in Beast from Haunted Cave

Beast from Haunted Cave

"Horror Beyond Words!"


Director: Monte Hellman

Starring: Michael Forest, Sheila Noonan, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo

1959 | HD | 65 / 72 minutes

A giant spider stalks a band of thieves in this schlocky thriller from Gene Corman Productions. The story follows gangster Alexander Ward and his crew as they enlist the help of a local ski-instructor in the heist of several gold bars. But when they use explosives to create a distraction, they disturb the lair of a massive spider! Monte Hellman, the man behind such cult favorites as Two-Lane Blacktop, made his directorial debut with Beast From Haunted Cave. Trivia note: This movie debuted on a double bill with The Wasp Woman.

Frank Wolff and Sheila Noonan in Beast from Haunted Cave

Ski Troop Attack

"They Turned a White Hell Red with Enemy Blood!"


Director: Roger Corman

Starring: Michael Forest, Frank Wolff, Wally Campo, Richard Sinatra

1960 | HD | 73 minutes

In Ski Troop Attack, legendary B movie director Roger Corman brings his considerable talent to the war genre. The results are typical Corman: plenty of action and suspense, all on a shoestring budget.

Tasked with blowing up an important railroad bridge, an American patrol crosses behind enemy lines on skis! This unorthodox strategy is difficult enough, but made worse by tensions within the platoon, and the constant threat of German troops. Will the Americans get the job done? Or will they be too distracted by the arguments between a hard-boiled sergeant and his eager young lieutenant?

Filmed in Deadwood, South Dakota in the same location (and with much of the same cast) as Beast From Haunted Cave, Ski Troop Attack was written by Corman’s longtime collaborator, Charles Griffith (Little Shop of Horrors, Not of This Earth).

Ready for action in Ski Troop Attack
Ski Troop Attack_1_37_1080p_V2.00_02_23_16.Still003
Ski Troop Attack_1_37_1080p_V2.00_04_45_18.Still005
Ski Troop Attack_1_37_1080p_V2.00_59_49_20.Still014
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