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Shelf Shock Rewind Awards 2023

Hello Blog Readers! It's been a terrific past debut year for Film Masters because of all the tremendous support you've given us. We're very grateful for the reads, the physical media buys, the social media interactions, and the personal emails we've received in 2023. We couldn't have imagined a better first 6 months to launch our company.

In addition to many exciting things happening behind-the-scenes, we're thrilled to be nominated for best new label by the Shelf Shock Rewind Awards!! What an honor. If you're enjoying what we're doing, we could really use your help; please vote for us (question #3, Best New Label).

This is a community driven awards program for physical media. So we can only win with your help! This award would mean a lot to us as we kick off 2024, but no matter what, we're thankful for all the support from our fans and fellow classic film lovers. The best news is, we're just getting started. We have a lot planned for 2024 and beyond; we hope you'll stick around!


You can follow Shelf Shock Rewind on Twitter here:


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