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August 27, 2024

$29.95 | $19.95

Door-to-Door Maniac & Right Hand of the Devil

A Double Dose of Neo-Noir Cult Classics!

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BD: $29.95 | DVD: $19.95

From the early 60s, Film Masters brings you two independently produced films, both with their own cult following. Representative of the neo-noir crime films of that era, these regional films make for a perfect back-to-back viewing late at night! The more famous of the two, "Door-to-Door Maniac," originally released in 1961 as "Five Minutes to Live." Starring Johnny Cash as a hardened criminal (Johnny Cabot) who takes the wife (Cay Forester) of the bank vice president as hostage in her own home. What follows is a robbery gone awry in every way! You won't want to miss this gem whose original poster proclaimed, "A woman's price drops fast as the time limit ticks away!"

Our second film is the little known, "Right Hand of the Devil." The Director reportedly destroyed all 35mm release prints, so chances are you haven't seen this one before! It's a feature you won't want to miss, as Aram Katcher makes his bid to become the next Hitchcock. In the film Katcher not only stars as the main character, he also produced, edited, designed, and oh so much more for his magnum opus. But did he do enough to become a peer of Hitchcock? And will Katcher the criminal mastermind be able to pull off a heist of a sports arena? We'll leave you to decide.

The Specs


Door-to-Door Maniac

"When the door bell rings... Don't answer! It could be the Door-to-Door Maniac!"


Director: Bill Karn

Starring: Johnny Cash, Donald Woods, Cay Forester, Pamela Mason

1966 | HD | 75 minutes

Originally released in 1961 as Five Minutes to Live, this low-budget crime drama was later re-released as Door-to-Door Maniac. Fred narrates the film in flashback, detailing a suburban bank robbery that goes awry. In his simple plan, he hires a hard-up hood, Johnny Cabot to take the wife of the bank's vice president hostage. Noted for the great performance by Johnny Cash as a psychotic crook, but also starring Donald Woods, Cay Forester. Also look for a very young Ronnie Howard in a small role, and Vic Tayback (best known as Mel from the TV show, "Alice.")

Door-to-Door Maniac (1961) 35mm_185_1080p_PRASAD_V5.00_40_54_00_edited.jpg
Right Hand of the Devil 16mm_1080p_1_37_PRASAD_V3-Proxy.00_49_53_05.Still022.png

Right Hand of the Devil

"The Most Satanic Plot Since 'Diabolique'!"


Director: Aram Katcher

Starring: Aram Katcher, Lisa McDonald, Brad Trumbull

1963 | HD | 67 minutes

In the little-known film, "Right Hand of the Devil," Aram Katcher makes his bid to become the next Hitchcock. While prominent movie director he is not, Turkish-born Katcher does star in the film... and not just on-screen. Producer, story creator, editor, title designer, and costume designer are just some of the other roles he took on with his magnum opus.


Katcher leads the cast as an ingenious criminal mastermind who hires a motley crew of questionable henchmen. Their target? A sports arena. Along the way, and critical to their plans, he seduces a middle-aged cashier, but she is not so easily convinced as she may appear. Will Katcher triumph in his hard won leading role?

Right Hand of the Devil 16mm_1080p_1_37_PRASAD_V3-Proxy.00_16_36_02.Still007.png
Door-to-Door Maniac (1961) 35mm_185_1080p_PRASAD_V5.00_58_06_21.Still024
Door-to-Door Maniac (1961) 35mm_185_1080p_PRASAD_V5.00_35_28_17.Still013
Right Hand of the Devil (1963)
Right Hand of the Devil (1963)
Right Hand of the Devil (1963)
Door-to-Door Maniac (1961) 35mm_185_1080p_PRASAD_V5.00_48_35_20.Still021

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